A whiff of aperitif and digestif

Take a seat. Enjoy a sparkling aperitif. A refreshing pick-me-up. A nightcap. No matter what you prefer. Full-bodied drinks, a good drop tingling your taste buds and high proof classics top off your evening. We pamper you with fine taste. In elegant and cosy atmosphere. For some sociable time.

Comfortable time in your indulgence holidays, Grän Tyrol

Gourmet holidays in Grän, Tannheimer Tal

Pure luxury for the senses. Fine wines connecting our home town with the international wine metropoles. All bottles are lovingly tucked away in our in-house white and red wine cellars. A digestive as highlight of a perfect evening. Short and fresh. Resting and maturing. For intense aromas. You are tempted by fruity white and full-bodied red wines. A digestif, topping off the evening. Short and rich. Intense or rigid. From distilleries in the region. Make an excursion to the world of long drinks and cocktails. Gin loving tonic: a fresh and revitalizing tête-à-tête with juniper. Mango, lime and ginger, sweet fruit, rum and vodka. Let the evening end with a billiard match. Enjoy a last drink from the bar. Listen to the ticking of the clocks. In unique ambience. 

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Full-bodied wines and rich drinks from 04.00 – 00.00 pm

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Comfortable time in your indulgence holidays, Grän Tyrol
Gin Specialities

Enjoy our ever-growing selection of gins from all over the world. We have discovered some hidden gems, you shouldn’t miss.

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Comfortable time in your indulgence holidays, Grän Tyrol
Signature Drinks

Get into the right mood for dinner with our fine aperitifs. End the evening with a cool glass of pure delight.

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Gourmet holiday ☆ Tannheimer Tal - Hotel Bergblick

Luxuriate in the sensual aromas of our cuisine. Creative full-course menus. Breath-taking. Flavourful delicacies. With intense aromas.

Restaurant ✱ Tannheimer Tal - Hotel Bergblick****S
Gourmet Experiences

Grunstube. The gourmet restaurant of Hotel Bergblick. Enjoy the concept of natural cuisine à la carte.