Our house is nestling in one of the most beautiful high valleys of Europe. Waiting to be explored by you. Vacation in the Tannheim Valley. That stands primarily for outdoor experiences. The magnificent mountain panorama is at your doorstep. In summer and in winter. Coming to our beautiful high valley on an altitude of 1,100 metres you will feel it. The urge to go on exploration tours. To the valleys, to the mountains, to the crystal-clear lakes and to the idyllic villages. 

Activities, skiing or hiking holidays in the Tannheimer Valley

Take some time. To consciously do, whatever you want; read a good book in front of the fireplace. Walk along the shores of the fascinating mountain lakes or over the Alpine pastures for hours. Let your eyes wander over the snow-capped mountain tops. Climbing the walls and taking in the view of the Tannheim Valley from there. That is the luxury you will find here. Breathe deeply. As the air is fresh and clear. No particulates. No smog. Inhale the fragrances of unspoilt nature. Find harmony and peace here. Free your mind from deadlines, stresses and pressures. Actively enjoy the moment. The Tannheim Valley helps your mind to find some calm. And whatever you prefer - tranquillity or action – there will be no shortage of attractions.

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“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” 
- John Muir

Time in nature
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Ski vacation ☆ Tannheimer Tal: best at Hotel Bergblick

Between glistening snow crystals and majestic, sun-kissed mountain peaks. Experience heart-bumping adventures and moments of peace. Admire the picturesque scenery.

Ski holidays in the Tannheimer Tal - best deals in Grän
Winter Activities

Skiing. Hiking. Cross-country. Snow-shoeing. Running. Tobogganing. Ski touring. Ice skating.

Hiking and cycling holidays / Tannheimer Tal - Grän

The lush green of the Alpine pastures and the valley. Golden sunshine. Mountain adventures waiting just around the corner. Boasting surprises and best view.

Summer holidays in the Tannheimer Tal: hike, bike & more

Deeply-rooted traditions. Passed on since centuries in the Tannheimer Tal. Experience unique charm.

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