View from the 19th!

We are pleased to offer our golfing guests an exclusive green fee reduction of 20% at the golf club "Auf der Gsteig" in Lechbruck. The golf course is located on a high plateau near Füssen and can be reached in about 45 minutes by car from Hotel Bergblick. You can conveniently make your green fee reservation with us at the hotel reception. We wish you a great game already now!

Golf Club Auf der Gsteig

Relaxation at Hotel Bergblick and golfing pleasure in Lechbruck

Enjoy a luxurious stay in picturesque Grän at Hotel Bergblick and discover the joy of golf at the renowned golf club "Auf der Gsteig" in Lechbruck in Germany. Be inspired by the exclusivity of our hotel and experience the fascination of golf on the impressive high plateau of Lechbruck. Your holidays in Grän will be an unforgettable experience with this perfect combination of relaxation and sporting activity.




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